Mission of the Loving Leadership Project

The mission of the Loving Leadership Project is to better understand the relevance of loving leadership in practice and academia and provide researchers, professionals, and students access to the most current research on this leadership style. Another main goal of the Loving Leadership Project is to provide research tools for students and scholars interested in conducting research on loving leadership.

Vision of the Loving Leadership Project

We envision a time when the relevance of Loving Leadership has been rigorously evaluated through quantitative and qualitative research and a wealth of resources are available for students, scholars, and professionals interested in studying, researching, and learning more about this leadership style.

The Origin of The Loving Leadership Project

In 2020, as the world was reeling from the adverse impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, Marcia Smith began meeting with her doctoral students every Saturday in a virtual environment. The purpose of these meetings was to build a cohesive team and support students through one of the most difficult tasks during one of the most challenging periods in recent history. From the beginning, these weekly meetings were based on several tenets: openness, sharing, caring, honest communications, support, and most of all, an atmosphere of love. During the following year, Marcia and her students shared their triumphs, frustration, sadness, joy, and stories about how they were affected by the pandemic and their dissertation journey. The group shared love in a new way, such that everyone was inspired to be their best selves and as a whole and as individuals, accomplished more than anyone thought possible. Through this experience, Marcia was inspired to begin a long-term research project to determine how and where love is shared and experienced in workplaces around the world in multiple fields. The Loving Leadership Project was born out of a loving experience in the educational context that had a tremendous impact on Marcia and her career.